Public Benefit

  • Millfield EAGLES Lower Sixth pupils worked with Elmhurst Junior School on a joint art project

    Lower Sixth pupils worked with those at Elmhurst Junior School on a joint art project

  • Millfield EAGLES Sixth Form pupil at a local care home

    Pupils volunteer at Southlawns Care Home

  • Millfield Sixth Form pupils rehearsing for joint production with Year 3 from Elmhurst Junior School

    Sixth Form pupils rehearsing for the Christmas Production with Year 3 from Elmhurst Junior School

  • Pupils from local school school St Dunstan's rehearsing for the Christmas drama production

    Year 10 and 11 St Dunstan's pupils were involved in a Drama production

  • Millfield Sixth Form volunteers helping plant trees at the local cider orchard in Glastonbury

    Pupils with the Youth Volunteer Network helping to plant trees at Glastonbury Cider Farm

  • Millfield volunteers painting in the local community

    Pupils volunteer to improve the gardens and buildings at Happy Landings Animal Sanctuary

  • Millfield EAGLES Lower Sixth pupils worked with Elmhurst Junior School on a joint art project

    Lower Sixth pupils worked with those at Elmhurst Junior School on a joint art project

  • Joint dance production with Millfield Sixth Form pupils

    The Community Dance Show featuring local dance groups from the South West

  • The whole school came together in June 2018 to celebrate the 30th annual Mencap Day with over 800 guests. 

    Annual Mencap Day with over 800 guests

  • 2018 leaver and Head Boy Yuriel Kpalobi attended Millfield with the support of the SpringBoard Foundation

    The SpringBoard Foundation enabled Yuriel Kpalobi, who was interviewed by The One Show, to attend Millfield

Millfield is committed to providing benefit to the public on a local, regional and national scale, with the main aim being to benefit children from a wide variety of backgrounds. The school does this by widening access through financial support, sharing facilities, resources and knowledge with local state schools, involvement in community projects, teacher development and offering life changing opportunities to disadvantaged children. The school also brings significant economic benefits. Last year Millfield’s contribution to the UK GDP was in the region of £73m (2017/18), with £38m contributing to Mendip’s GDP (equating to 2% GDP of the whole Mendip area). The school supports 1,800 jobs in the local area. £8m was saved to the UK taxpayer last year by pupils who are eligible for state education choosing to attend Millfield. These are some of the initiatives the school is involved in:

More Accessible – Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries enable access to the school for talented pupils who would benefit from an education at Millfield, by offering fee discounts of up to 100%. Scholarships may be supplemented with means-tested bursaries, to uphold our powerful principle of diversity that is the Millfield Mix, making sure that those children who would best benefit from a world-class Millfield education and outstanding opportunities are able to do so, regardless of the financial circumstances of their parents. Every child matters, and at Millfield we are passionate in our goal to identify the potential in each individual and do everything we can to ensure their success..

In the year to 31 August 2018, the total value of scholarships and bursaries was £5.7 million.

The Millfield Foundation is an independent charity set up to raise funds for the provision of scholarships to pupils at the school.

SpringBoard Foundation 

The Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation provides life-transforming opportunities for hundreds of children from disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit from a boarding school education. Supported by a bursary from the school, 2018 leaver and Head Boy Yuriel Kpalobi came to Millfield in Lower Sixth from Gladesmore Community School in Tottenham, North London. He was featured on The One Show, where he discussed his home and school life and the opportunities SpringBoard and Millfield have offered him. This partnership with Millfield will continue to offer other children this life-changing opportunity in the future.

Boarding School Partnerships

Launched in September 2018, Millfield has welcomed this Department of Education scheme which seeks to place vulnerable young people, whom might otherwise eventually need to be taken into local authority care, into boarding schools, with the aim of transforming their lives and prospects.

Community Partnerships 

Millfield aims to develop mutually beneficial partnerships in the community wherever possible. Our facilities are used extensively throughout the year by outside organisations and the local community. Overseas pupils promote an understanding of diverse cultures, producing an intangible benefit within the wider community and raising the knowledge of the UK abroad.

Partnering with State Schools
Millfield is committed to developing partnerships with state schools, and has opened much of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme up to teachers from other schools. Millfield Art Department and Lower Sixth BTEC pupils have been working collaboratively on a creative project with local junior school Elmhurst. A drawing workshop was also held for 85 pupils in Year 6 at Elmhurst; supported by Millfield Lower Sixth, the year group produced a selection of drawings from the large-scale outdoor Otherworldly Sculpture Exhibition. Year 8 pupils from the nearby St Dunstan’s School were invited to a three-day creative workshop at Millfield with our Lower Sixth Art Scholars. Millfield also assists local state schools and colleges in the following:

  • Cyber Security and Lego learning festivals for local secondary school pupils.
  • Inviting schools to attend lectures, conferences and competitions.
  • Robot Workshop with High Ham and Kingsbury Episcopi Primary Schools.
  • Science workshops and shows included a Nitrogen Show for Year 6 at Elmhurst School and an Engineering Day with Year 2 at Bowlish Infant School.
  • Outreach Tennis courses held at local primary schools.
  • Hosting the Somerset UK Chess Challenge and UKMT Team Maths Challenge regional final.
  • Hosting work experience for trainee teachers and providing initial teacher training in association with Mid-Somerset Consortium.
  • Providing facilities for SAT test candidates for US university entrance.
  • Five local schools, including Crispin, St Dunstan's and Kings of Wessex, were invited to the World Leading Schools Association Conference, hosted by Millfield, to hear speakers from four of the top US universities talk.
  • Taking local children and teachers to Worley Hill for guided walks and conservation experience.
  • Hosting pupils from Durrington High School for an afternoon of sports activities.

Supporting Charities

  • As well as supporting one local and one national charity and Lalibela High School in Ethiopia each year, Millfield fundraises for many other charities, annually raising an average of £15k+.
  • The whole school came together in June 2018 to celebrate the 30th annual Mencap Day with over 800 guests. 
  • Thirty staff from Millfield help out at Street Harvest to provide food for homeless people in the local area. A smaller group help with other activities to serve the community, and a working party are assisting with the Festival of Street in May 2019.
  • The Leo Club met weekly to plan events and get involved in community projects. They organised and hosted several Care Home Christmas and Summer Parties, and visited Avalon Special School in Street twice a term to host various activities. They raised money for Avalon School Hydrotherapy Pool appeal and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
  • BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship pupils raised over £500 for various charities through events.
  • Local care home residents visit Millfield Prep each Wednesday to watch sports matches and enjoy match teas.
  • Donations to local charities through the Millfield Educational Trust.
  • More than 455 pupils and staff participated in the Glastonbury Road Run for charity.
  • Managing nature and wildlife reserves, providing public access to land managed for conservation purposes.
  • Loaning equipment and provision of facilities free of charge to local charities.
  • Pupils run activities at Cheddar Vale Gateway Club and provide local children with special needs with a unique educational experience through the Greatwood Charity.
  • Staff and pupils took part in conservation efforts at a game reserve in India and a family-owned coffee plantation in Costa Rica.
  • The Glastonbury & Street Lions Club run a sponsored swim event at Millfield School swimming pool, in which schools enter teams to raise money for a local charity.
  • In a Tough Mudder event, Millfield Prep pupils raised more than £1,600 for the Special Boat Service charity.
  • Pre-Prep pupils raised more than £700 for the Canine Partners ‘Dogs for the Disabled’ programme.

Promoting the Value of Sport to the Community

  • Hosting, organising and providing facilities for clubs, schools and representative organisations, including swimming, athletics, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis, basketball, golf, football and fencing, as well as running lifeguard training courses.
  • Hosting rugby courses and events such as the Mendip Cross Country League events, the English Schools Cup and the British Equestrian horse trials.
  • Millfield Tennis coaches have hosted workshops to sharing high-level coaching information with county club members and coaches from Somerset.
  • Multi-activity courses are available at a subsidised rate for local children during school holidays.
  • Millfield grounds staff teach at the Institute of Groundsmanship to assist in the development of better playing surfaces.
  • Organising sports days for local schools.
  • Millfield Enterprises offer 13 summer holiday sport and activity courses for children.
  • Millfield host the annual Somerset School Games, run by SASP; more than 60 state primary schools and 25 state secondary schools attend.

Promoting the Value of Drama, Music and the Arts to the Community

  • Annually, 8 Dance shows and performances, 19 Drama productions and 50+ Music concerts and events are open to the public.
  • The Atkinson Gallery exhibits four public exhibitions and private views annually. Regular visiting groups include Elmhurst, Strode College, St Benedict's Primary School, Bowlish Infant School, Crispin School, Avalon School and the Friends of the RWA.
  • Our sculpture park is open to visitors all year round.
  • Our half termly Tea and Dance performances are open to the public. A Community Dance Show was held in December 2017, featuring South West dance groups, and was attended by secondary schools, colleges and dance schools.
  • A choral society is open to members of the local community free of charge, with weekly rehearsals run by our staff and two annual concerts, including a charitable joint performance with our school choir and orchestra to 800 people at Wells. This raised over £2,500 in 2018.
  • Our International Concert Series features renowned international musicians. This includes an outreach event involving a workshop for local primary school children.
  • Hosting a joint concert with the Singing Children of Africa at the Prep School to raise funds for Educate the Kids charity.
  • Providing workshops for a local junior school of drawing, printing and ceramics with two artists, which resulted in an exhibition in the Atkinson Gallery foyer.
  • Sponsorship of events at the Wells Festival of Literature.
  • Organising a writing competition for local schools through our Prep School.

Bobby Moore Academy

Two of Millfield’s Governors have been appointed as Governors of the Bobby Moore Academy, a free school in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London which opened in September 2017 as part of the David Ross Education Trust. This establishes a strong link between the school and the Academy and it is intended to develop a range of educational and sporting partnerships.


This Sixth Form programme promotes altruism through service to others by volunteering, leading and participation. Millfield pupils have worked with local, national and international communities in the following activities:

Elmhurst Junior School

  • The EAGLES Christmas Production, involving Millfield, Elmhurst and St Dunstan’s pupils, was organised by the Drama, Media Studies and Music Departments, and involved green screen special effects and singing.
  • Our Music Department organised for the BTEC Music pupils to use Elmhurst as a case study for one of their BTEC assignments. Pupils formed a choir for the Christmas Production which culminated in solos by two Year 3 boys before an audience of 400 in Millfield's Meyer Theatre. Our Music pupils also assisted Elmhurst in preparing songs for Elmfest, their summer fete. 
  • A big Art Project with Elmhurst took place in the summer term 2018 at Ham Hill, and there were workshops for 60 pupils in our Fine Art Centre.
  • Sixth Form pupils taught a variety of subjects in classes and lunchtime clubs, including Maths, English, Chinese, French, Italian and Sport.

St Dunstan's School

  • The EAGLES Christmas Production involved their Year 10 and 11 pupils in a successful multimedia Drama production. 
  • Millfield pupils went into their classes for the state school’s Creative Writing project.
  • Around 30 of their pupils come to Millfield once a week for our Friday activities sessions.
  • About 60 pupils attended the Millfield Careers Day, which had 20 universities, employers, gap year and apprenticeship companies attending.

Happy Landings Animal Sanctuary
As a local environment initiative, eight pupils spent a minimum of four hours a week gardening, improving areas, buildings and the car park. In 2018-19, pupils are taking part in similar activities at Heaven’s Gate National Animal Welfare Trust in Langport.

Southlawns Care Home 
Pupils visit regularly, helping to make presents for residents’ families, keeping them company, playing cards and doing Sudoku and crosswords. The residents were also invited to our EAGLES Christmas Production and two Christmas events at Millfield, which included transport, cakes, choral singing and Christmas carols.

Red Brick Building Community Centre
We held a charity open mic event and discussed how best to market Red Brick through pupil-led blogs and websites. We are developing plans with Glastonbury FM and BBC Somerset to engage young people in local community radio, with the first live broadcast scheduled in January 2019. This will take place alongside a new community project, a Dementia Friends/Street Alliance, with over 30 pupils signed up.

South West Volunteers
Last year 67 pupils signed up to volunteer as stewards at a series of events throughout Somerset and Bristol. These included Iron Man 2017, Wells Food Festival, clearing Richard Huish woods for a scout camp and local cider orchards to plant new trees. In 2018-19, a further 62 Lower Sixth signed up to volunteer. Last year Wells Food Festival had 13 Millfield volunteers, this year they had 32!