Millfield Prep hosts fourth annual British Eventing Horse Trials

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Six hundred equestrians from all over the country, including Top 4 Star level riders, competed at the fourth annual Millfield British Eventing Horse Trials, hosted at Millfield Prep.

Out of 21 Millfield pupils, representing both Millfield and Millfield Prep, 10 finished in the top 20 in their sections.

The Millfield BE event is aimed at grassroots competitors with BE80 (T), BE90 and BE100 sections, with multiple events held throughout the weekend, including dressage, show jumping and cross-country, which all competitors participate in.

The cross-country course, designed for the fourth year by London 2012 designer, Adrian Ditcham, included a number of feature fences including a 'Glastonbury Tor' jump, overlooked by the iconic Tor and the ‘Millfield Outward Bound’ water complex.

From Millfield, Year 11 pupil Susan Rogers-Coltman finished 2nd in the BE 100 OPEN, after being pipped by 0.2 difference in the dressage mark. 

Elsewhere, Year 11 Evie Griffiths placed 12th in the BE80, with Year 10 Anna Farthing and Upper Sixth Caitlin Oldham finishing 11th and 12th in the BE90, respectively. In the BE100, Lower Sixth pupil Harriet Waldron finished 12th and in the BE100 OPEN, Lower Sixth pupil Becky Manton finished 20th. 

The competition also saw the arrival of the next generation of successful equestrians, as other notable riders included Ellie Fredericks, the daughter of 2007 Badminton winner Lucinda Fredericks and Australian eventing rider Clayton Fredericks. The competition also featured two Old Millfieldians, Pandora Yates (2008-2011; Acacia) and Lucy Montgomery (2006-2011; Overleigh).

View a selection of photos from the event here and watch a video of highlights from the event here.