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Reception pupils open café



Children in Reception have enjoyed role playing in Millfield Pre-Prep’s new café.

They have been learning to take orders and have started to investigate amounts of money and different...>>

Year 1 and 2 Science Trip to Millfield



Mr Hudson from Millfield Physics invited Key Stage 1 to Millfield for a workshop on forces. With the help of some Sixth Form pupils, Mr Hudson introduced the children to friction, levers and...>>

Year 2 become problem solvers

Year 2 become problem solvers



Year 2 have been busy perfecting their problem-solving skills. The children began in the woods with a Winnie the Pooh hunt to find clues and solve an anagram problem.

The children had to...>>

Year 1 pupils create Mathematical Christmas cards



Pupils in Year 1 used their mathematical skills to make their very own Christmas cards this year.

They used their skills in measuring and counting to create beautiful Christmas cards with...>>

Year 2 visit home of Concord for air travel topic



Pupils in Year 2 visited the home of Concord after starting their new air travel topic, where they also met a Commander from HMS Heron at Yeovilton.

The children spent the day at the Fleet...>>

Tadpoles Explore Shapes



Tadpoles have been busy exploring shapes. They went on a circle hunt, collecting different circular objects to dip in paint, creating a beautiful painting.

Next the children looked at...>>

Year 1 navigate their way around Gore Farm



Year 1 pupils have been learning about maps and in support of this topic, took a trip to Gore Farm. They used the key symbols and learnt how to orientate their maps. They...>>

Pre-Prep visit Cheddar Chocolate Factory



Pre-School children have recently been learning about different objects and using playdough, created their own sweets and chocolate shapes.

This lead to a trip to Cheddar Chocolate Factory...>>

Pre-Prep trip to Tiverton Canal



Key Stage one travelled back 200 years in time, to discover what life was like before trains. During their trip to Tiverton Canal, the...>>

Year 1 spend an Autumnal day at Gore Farm



Pupils in Year 1 spent a day exploring the woods at Gore Farm, an education centre in Dorset. They spent the day identifying signs of autumn and making collections of autumn objects, where they...>>

Year 1 pupils explore the brain



Children in Year 1 are learning all about the functions of their brain by dissecting a ‘jelly brain’.

During the dissection, the children uncovered that the brain helps them...>>