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  • WW1 Day
  • WW1 Day

"History: gossip well told." Elbert Hubbard

People make history through their actions and decisions and in so doing shape the future. By studying some of the exciting and significant events and personalities from the past the History department aims to:

  • Help pupils make sense of the world around them.
  • Develop their own sense of identity and understand other cultures.
  • Understand concepts of time, change and continuity.
  • Think about right and wrong and what it means to be good citizen.
  • Prepare for the future.

Topics studied include The Norman Conquest, The Medieval Church, the Black Death and Peasants' Revolt, the Hundred Years' War, Henry VIII and the Reformation, and other worldwide historical events and phenomena.

Pupils in the Pre-Prep and Junior Department are taught history by class teachers whilst pupils in Years 6-8 receive specialist teaching. History up until the end of Year 6 is combined with Geography and RS and taught as Humanities, as part of the newly implemented International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Pupils are encouraged to acquire an in depth knowledge of the topics studied and develop their thinking, analytical and literacy skills through discussion, independent research and project work, extended writing and source analysis.

Their work in the classroom is supported by a varied programme of visits and speakers. Pupils in Year 6 enjoy a humanities day linked to IPC, while Year 7 visit Chepstow Castle History is also central to residential trips, in the past this has included visiting the Bayeux Tapestry, WW2 beaches in France, Roman ruins and more.