Learning Development Centre

"A major feature and strength of the school"

The Learning Development Centre (LDC) is an integral part of Millfield Prep and has been identified by the Independent Schools Inspectorate as "a major feature and strength of the school, where pupils are supported and encouraged to develop an independent learning spirit".

The Aims:

  • To develop successful, independent learners based on sound assessment and prior knowledge
  • To identify strengths and barriers to achievement with each child
  • To promote self-esteem, a sense of pride and resilience in each child
  • To help children to take responsibility for their learning
  • To promote a positive perception across the school community of individual learning differences

Dedicated, trained, experienced specialist team

The LDC is staffed by specialist dyslexia teachers in a modern centre which is an integral part of the school.

Rigorous assessment, early intervention and tracking procedures enable each pupil's needs to be met. By matching the teaching programme to each individual, the provision is aimed at taking pupils on the fastest track to success.

Programmes are used to train and develop visual and auditory perception, phonological awareness, memory skills and thinking skills.

A multisensory approach underpins practice in the LDC and throughout the school.

The programmes also target tactics for comprehension, reading, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. The LDC is well resourced, with its own set of laptops and an extensive range of programmes to support learning.

All our pupils can achieve high standards

Children learn in many different ways. Learning can be a challenge and we believe that with the right support children can take increasing responsibility for their learning and exceed their potential.  

The Learning Development Centre works in partnership with parents and the wider school community to create a support network which allows children to become independent learners and develop the confidence to dream big dreams and to learn how to make them attainable.

Initial interview and assessment

Recognising the consequence of failure which may have been experienced in various degrees by those who attend the Learning Development Centre (LDC), the school accepts children based on their potential for growth rather than their current performance.

All children attending the LDC undergo an initial interview and assessment which take into account existing specialist reports, discussions with the parents and with the child; this is then supplemented with a range of assessments tailored to the needs of the individual on joining the school. Typically these will include assessments of strengths and weakness in literacy skills and the identification of barriers to achievement from a wider, more holistic perspective.