Chestnut - Boys

  • Chestnut boarding house

Houseparents: Adam and Harriet Duke
Assistant Houseparent: Tom French
Liaison tutor: Peter Maxwell
Tel: 01458 837229

Chestnut has been a boarding house since 1970. It is ideally situated close to the Prep campus and has its own hard, floodlit play area with a tennis court and a fun waterslide to use in summer. It is also adjacent to a small wooded area, owned by Millfield, in which pupils can play.

The house boasts cosy dorms, a reading/quiet room, an IT suite which is networked to the school servers, WiFi throughout, a fully equipped games room with pool and football tables and a music practice room.

Chestnut is the oldest of the campus houses but has grown and been modernised with the times. It has a very homely feel about it and is an environment where the boys can feel happy, secure and encouraged to be individuals.

Adam and Harriet Duke have been the Chestnut houseparents since September 2015. Adam has been involved in boarding since he started at Millfield Prep in 1997 and has been Assistant Houseparent at Chestnut for over 10 years. He started at Millfield Prep teaching in various departments, and then became a full time teacher and Head of PE. He is now a PE and games teacher and in-charge of the U12A girls’ and U11A boys’ hockey teams and Head of Athletics and Cross Country. He has a very keen interest in sport, being an ex-GB athlete competing at 800m and 1500m. Harriet graduated as a graphic designer but retrained as a teacher in 2004. After having and raising their two sons, Sebastian and Barnaby, Harriet held various positions including teaching Maths and English, marketing assistant and most recently as a Millfield Minis toddler group co-ordinator. She now runs her own graphic design company.

Adam and Harriet love escaping to Cornwall in the holidays and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle including swimming, water-skiing, cycling, surfing, walking, boating and BBQs!