Millfield’s catering company, Chartwells, aim to be so much more than just catering providers. We go way beyond that by making a valuable contribution to supporting young peoples learning, development and attainment. 

Nutritional education has always been a big part of what we do and we have a great team at Chartwells that supports this. As part of our 'Learn Live' philosophy we provide the children with food to support their growing bodies with nutrition that contributes to their wellbeing and an understanding of the importance of healthy eating and living. 

  • A three week menu cycle 
  • Individual allergies catered for 
  • Comprehensive salad by offering three protein options daily
  • Homemade bread and soup daily 
  • Individual fruit pots daily

Our aim is to help young people build a personal toolkit of knowledge, skills and inspiration - which we believe are the key ingredients for happy, healthy futures. 

There is a cereal counter, a hot section offering a full English breakfast, as well as the option of a continental breakfast, toast, yoghurt and fresh fruit.


  • Traditional hot dishes offering meat and vegetarian options, seasonal vegetables and carbohydrates
  • Extensive salad bar ranging from seasonal, individual salad vegetables to grain based “super salads” and homemade salad dressings
  • Homemade soup and bread
  • Daily changing dish of the day on the chef’s table
  • A selection of hot and cold puddings
  • Fresh fruit
  • Monthly taster and sides/ themed lunches

Whilst the range of food on offer at supper is similar to lunch, we feel that supper is a time for pupils to relax and an opportunity for the chefs to interact more with pupils. We frequently have pop-up and themed suppers and often serve the food at tables in a ‘family-style’, these meals have included food around the world. We also design menus around curricular activities, such as “National Book Week” themed meals and World War II remembrance suppers.

Food Quality and Traceability
We take pride in using the highest possible quality ingredients sourced from respected suppliers. Regular audits are carried out on our suppliers to ensure animal welfare, traceability and ethnic farming methods are practiced.

Millfield adheres to the 2014 EU regulations, which require the identification of specific allergens in food. The regulations are designed to improve the nutritional and allergen information provided to pupils, helping them to make informed choices. Our online menu planning software allows us to manage the provision of allergen information accurately as live information of ingredients is available at the touch of a button.

In Good Hands
We have collaborated with the world renowned nannies from Norland College to train all of our catering managers in working with very young children. The training course enables our managers to experience a meal service through the eyes of young children, in order to help serve them better. This has had a hugely positive impact on the already high levels of care in the dining hall.