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  • Millfield Kingweston boys boarding house
  • Millfield Kingweston boys boarding house
  • Millfield Kingweston boys boarding house
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  • Millfield Kingweston boys boarding house
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  • Millfield Kingweston boys boarding house
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Senior Boys' House

Housemaster: David Askham
Assistant Housemistress: Louise Cella
Non-resident assistants: Robin Wood, Juliette Lorandel
Liason tutors: Simon Coombes, Perry Reeves, Tom Stokes
Group tutors: Maisie Patel
Matron: Teresa Fuoco

Contacts: Tel. 01458 223255
Email: or

Kingweston House has been a Millfield boarding house since January 1946. Prior to that date, the house was the home of the Dickenson family and was used to accommodate evacuees during World War II. The house and grounds were officially given to the school in 2006 by Mrs Joy Burden, the last descendent of the Dickenson family. Kingweston is approximately five miles from the main school campus.

The house is situated in beautiful grounds with far reaching views, and the boys have access to a wonderful range of facilities including a gym, a full size snooker table, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a five-a-side football pitch and a set of rugby posts. In addition, the school's golf course and football pitches sit in the same site and there are two tennis courts. There is a great family-feel in the house with a relaxed, caring atmosphere. Evening meals are provided in the beautiful dining room for the whole house to enjoy together. It is an outstanding home for the boys to come back to at the end of their day at school and provides a wonderful space to recharge at the weekends.

The Kingweston boys have a base during the day at school, the Country Club, where they can relax at breaks or before returning to their houses at the end of the day. They share the Country Club with boys from our other two country houses. 

The country houses have good transport links with the main school campus, with a morning coach departing each day from house at 7.40am and minibuses departing back to house every half hour from 4.15 to 6.45pm. Taxis operate in the evenings between both sites. There are no charges for these transport services.

David Askham has been the Housemaster at Kingweston since September 2017. David joined Millfield in 2007 and was previously the Assistant Houseparent at Walton. His partner Maisie arrived at the school in 2013 and spent three years as Assistant Houseparent at Acacia. David teaches History at Millfield, and coaches the Senior Rugby and Junior Cricket teams. Maisie teaches Biology while also coaching Skiing and Hockey. Millfield provided both with their first teaching roles after university. They enjoy sports, with David’s passion being rugby, and Maisie’s skiing. They also enjoy travelling and take time to relax by going for walks with their dog Boudicca. In March 2018, Kingweston gained its youngest member with the arrival of their first child, a boy named Archie.