Key Academic Information - Upper Sixth

2019 - 2020

Autumn Term

  • Linguists’ Welcome (Friday 13 September)
  • Upper Sixth Social (Saturday 14 September)
  • International Pupils' Association Welcome Dinner (Tuesday 17 September)
  • Higher Education applications on-going: early entry courses (e.g. Oxbridge, Dentists, Medics, Vets, Musicians, US early decision/action) to be completed by Monday 16 September; other UCAS applications should be completed by Friday 8 November
  • University workshop on completing the personal statement 
  • Opportunities to attend university Open/Taster Days; possible interviews and/or offer decisions
  • Presentations from selected universities and employers (at Millfield)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) entry opportunity for Higher Education applications to American Universities (Saturday 5 October)
  • House Song (Tuesday 22 October)
  • Half-term report
  • Upper Sixth parents’ meeting with subject tutors – final Sunday of half-term (Sunday 3 November)
  • Parents’ Carol Service/Year 9 Annual Service (Tuesday 26 November)
  • Festival of Languages (Thursday 14 November)
  • Carol Service (Thursday 5 December)
  • Oxbridge interviews at the end of term and the start of the Christmas holidays
  • End of term report

Spring Term

  • Higher Education applications – possible interviews and/or offer decisions
  • Higher Education - acceptance of firm and insurance offers
  • Optional guidance interviews from FutureSmart Careers (FSC) for those who have not applied to university
  • Languages Oscars Night (Friday 7 February)
  • Half-term report
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) entry opportunity for Higher Education applications to American Universities (Saturday 14 March)
  • End of term report

Summer Term

  • Linguists Farewell (Friday 1 May)
  • Summer Celebration and Prize-giving – final day of the first half-term (Saturday 23 May)
  • May/June examinations – pupils will be issued with a personalised examination timetable (also, see notes below)
  • Pupils may revise at home (see point 2 below)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) entry opportunity for Higher Education applications to American Universities (Saturday 2 May)
  • End of term Housemaster/Housemistress letter home (plus any co-curricular reports)
  • Textbooks to be returned to the issuing department by the end of term
  • Results Day – advice available and ongoing help with any post-exam/repeat applications


1) Upper Sixth Coursework

Coursework will be ongoing throughout the Upper Sixth. Some work may be required during Christmas, Easter and half-term breaks – please make holiday plans accordingly.

2) External Examinations – May/June

  1. Appropriate revision during the Easter and summer half-term breaks is essential please make holiday plans accordingly.
  2. Please be aware that CIE A level exams may take place during the summer half-term. Details to be confirmed upon release of exam dates.
  3. Art/Photography examinations start in the first half of the spring term.
  4. A level Drama practical examinations typically take place during the spring term.
  5. Language oral examinations typically take place in the second half of the spring term and continue into the first half of the summer term.
  6. A level Physical Education practical moderation will take place in the early part of the summer term.
  7. Examination Leave – revision at home and in boarding houses: detailed arrangements for revision at home and examination leave will be confirmed in a letter sent from the Deputy Head (Academic), available via the Parent Portal.
  8. Pupils following BTEC programmes may not take examination leave until they have completed all their assignments and have permission from the relevant Head of Department.
  9. Post-examination period: Upper Sixth pupils will normally be expected to leave the school once their final examination has been completed unless House or School commitments require them to remain.
  10. The above arrangements must on no account conflict with school commitments; team players, musicians and those involved in other group activities must refer to the appropriate staff.

3) Academic Trips, Visits, Exchanges and Fieldwork

A number of trips, visits, exchanges and fieldwork activities take place throughout the Upper Sixth which support pupils’ academic studies. Where necessary, parents will be given as much notification as possible of the precise dates of these activities. In some subjects, participation is regarded as an essential part of the course.

4) Internal Examinations

Academic departments will timetable internal examinations at appropriate points throughout the academic year. These internal examinations will take place during normal lesson time and will be scheduled by each Head of Department to best fit with teaching programmes.
Internal examinations are an important opportunity for pupils and teachers to gauge levels of progress and they should be regarded as an important stepping stone in preparation for the examinations in May/June. Pupils are strongly advised to prepare for these internal examinations as fully as possible to ensure that they are in a position to perform to their potential.
Appropriate revision during the period of time preceding these internal examinations is strongly advised. Experience shows that lack of preparation for internal examinations is an indicator for likely under-performance in the real thing.

5) Reporting

Reports are provided at half-term and the end of each term in the autumn and spring terms. The autumn term reports are A4 summary sheets. The report at the end of the spring term is a full booklet; the spring half-term report will list grades and may include some subject tutor comments. A Housemaster/Housemistress letter (plus any co-curricular reports) will be sent home at the end of the summer term. Reporting sessions are used by group tutors and Housemasters/Housemistresses to closely monitor pupil performance and progress. Parents are contacted as appropriate following reporting sessions if a pupil is not meeting academic expectations.