Pupil Development Philosophy


The critical skill coaches develop in each pupil is self-awareness.  Self-awareness is the pupils understanding their own personality and behaviours in the sporting, academic and overall school environment.  Through our self-awareness approach, pupils learn about their limitations, motivations and needs, thus building a personal profile that builds on strengths and exposes areas of individual development. With their coach’s guidance, pupils can begin to self-correct their technique, develop their own tactical approach and ultimately take complete responsibility for their training, education and game day performance.  This all happens through a consultative approach with their coach or coaching team to maximise development both on and off the field.

Pupil priority

The pupils physical and emotional safety is the number one priority for our coaching team.  It is the underlying focus for all sports systems, structures and programs that are implemented by our coaching staff, to ensure that the holistic development of the individual is paramount.

Uniqueness of personality

Every pupil is unique and this uniqueness of personality is respected by the coach and therefore each pupil is coached in a way which is appropriate for them.

Holistic framework

The coach’s role is to assist in developing their pupils within a holistic framework, so the pupil can develop outside of their sport as much as inside. This can mean that sport is a fundamental vehicle to develop lifelong skills in our pupils.