• Number Cruncher
  • This is Hastings' Millfield
  • Counting and sorting,
    being a good friend
    and exploring the forest.
  • “I built a snake by following the pattern.”
  • Our experienced staff teach numeracy and literacy daily, along with a wide range of other subjects. Our aim is to tap into children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. Small class sizes ensure that every child is given individual care and attention.

    Learning is not restricted to the classroom and we take every opportunity to go outside to experiment and discover. A trip to Forest School or the garden can reinforce all sorts of problem solving lessons; finding shapes, adding up a ladybird’s spots, counting and sorting pond life and measuring the growth of plants all act to reinforce everyday maths skills.

  • “I let my friend choose the toys first because it was his Golden Day.”
  • Pre-Prep has a set of golden rules that we strive to all put into practice every day: We are kind, honest and truthful, we are gentle, we listen to each other, we look after property, we are a good friend and play well and work hard. Millfield Pre-Prep is a happy, friendly community where children are encouraged to be mindful, respectful and considerate of their teachers and classmates.

  • The Forest School is a special place for our children, where they are encouraged to test boundaries and explore taking risks in the great outdoors. The messy mud kitchen is a favourite attraction and baking rolls in the bread oven, learning to cook over an open fire, peeling vegetables and sawing wood all add to their skills and growing sense of independence. Apart from our own woods onsite, where we hold Forest School, our grounds include walled and sensory gardens and apple orchards.
  • “I went on a dinosaur hunt in Forest school and found a bone!”
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